Sunday, March 30, 2014

March | Insta-life round up

3 March InstaLife
//early Uni mornings//pay day make up haul//doing my best Delevigne impression//makin' banana pancakes//lil 'Lea Michele//pasta lunch//Spring style//totally blue skies!//Costa lunch waiting for mum & le sis at the airport//early birthday present from my Uncle!//Night Vale Radio on the train the Brighton//cosy catch up with Skye & Erin//lusting over the decor in Nest//mini haul from Tiger//Heidi braids

March was a much better month than February, but despite this I seemed to be plagued with University deadlines. I did get some respite from the crazy, having had a cosy little catch up with the lovely Skye and Erin in Brighton - plus a little wander down the lanes :) 

This month has pretty much flown by in the blink of an eye and now I'm here on Mother's Day, a month away from D-Day (aka Dissertation deadline day) and my final exams. This last week of March also had me sitting in my last lectures and seminar ever and all of a sudden that scary thing called graduation right around the corner. 

As much as I may be having a slight existential crisis about what I'll be doing when graduation does roll around, I really need to set my focus on the here and now and what I need to do to get that fancy degree in my cap and gown.

That thing I need to do is step back and knuckle down. Which is why I'll be kicking it back from the blog for a bit. I've already had friends call me crazy for trying to manage three blogs in my final year and I've done ok so far. But having that niggling feeling that I need to have a blog post set up on a certain day hanging over me the next few weeks is not something I need right now. 

So it's not a full on goodbye from me, but a "we interrupt this broadcast whilst Ria spends her life in the library..." kinda goodbye.

I'm not on a total media blackout - cos I need some way of relaxing after doing so much work - so feel free to follow me on Twitter (@RCagz) and send me words of encouragement (or kick me up the butt if you see I've been on there for too long!) 

Toodles for now guys! See you on the other side ;)

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blog Of The Month | Thoroughly English

12 Thoroughly English

Run by...Yorkshire-based, foodie Bess
In 3...creative cuisine, bookmark-able recipes, and lovable lifestyle posts
Why I keep going back...if there's one thing us bloggers love more than fashion and beauty (and in my case, books), it's gotta be food! Luckily there's plenty of it to go round on Thoroughly English. The entire blog is full of an array of recipes and foodie tips accompanied by stunning photography that will make your mouth water. Bess also recommends some great restaurants, from the quaint to the wonderfully fancy, and also gives us the occasional lifestyle post! I've honestly bookmarked so many of these posts for future reference - more likely I'll stare at them wistfully, whilst I lament my lack of cooking skills :P  
Favourite post(s)...the start of her little series chronicling her quest to make the perfect macaron.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Come Rain Or Shine | Spring Layering

Outfit 1: Striped Dress, Pull & Bear | Beige Mac, Uniqlo | Fine Knit Jumper, H&M | Ankle Boots, Modcloth
Outfit 3: Cropped jumper, River Island | Polka-dot Jeans, Vanmildert | Faux Leather Jacket, Forever 21 | Ballet Flats, ASOS

Spring is here and so is that wonderfully erratic British weather that we love! Dressing during this season can be pretty tricky with the temperature dropping and rising every few hours. You don't want to be caught out in the rain or get too stuffy in huge winter clothes, so what's the trick to surviving the elements? Spring layering!

Above are three simple outfits designed to deal with the changing climate. The first is a simple striped dress and ankle boots combo, which would be perfectly fine for the summer months but in the spring breeze a coat and jumper would probably be a welcome addition too. Keep the look light with a mint green jumper.

The second takes some of my favourite trends from winter, the blanket coat and leather look leggings, and works in two of my own personal Spring staples, the denim shirt and sneakers. The great thing about the denim shirt is the sheer panelling on the back, which will come in handy if the temperature does rise a little and you need a some breeze in your outfit. 

The final outfit is something a little edgy. The polka dot jeans and jacket scream winter wardrobe but are updated with the pastel jumper and ballet flats. This one will keep you warm enough in the morning, but just shed the jacket and jumper is thin in enough to keep you cool!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Catch A Falling Star | Fashion Spotlight on Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley fashion spotlight header
It's been a long road for Shailene Woodley. The California native has since gone under a transformation from girl next door to outright Hollywood superstar. The actress started out life on the TV screen in The Secret Life of an American Teenager, before going on to start in critically acclaimed films such as The Descendants and The Spectacular now. She's now set to front two of the biggest book to film adaptations since The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars, as Tris Prior and Hazel Grace Lancaster respectively. Touted as the next Jennifer Lawrence, whilst the heights of blinding fame do seem the set course for the actress, Shailene is definitely walking to the beat of her own drum. Calm, collected and oozing effortless Californian charm, Shailene is more likely to be that uber-zen friend you meet a pilates than that class clown.  
Shailene Woodley The Hollywood Reporter shoot
Not only is her acting resume attracting glances from the public eye, but the fashion world are fascinated by her ethereal earth girl aura. As well as racking up the magazine cover shoots and features, Shailene's style transformation has really captured my attention. I've given her flack in the past for her red carpet choices, but she seems to have done a 180 in an exciting direction, ranking her in the same league as such stylish ladies as Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Dianna Agron.
She hasn't quite pinpointed her style signature, but that's the great thing. The 22 year old actress has been playing around with shapes, formal and informal cuts, both bold and basic colours, as well as the occasional showstopping gown. Her new cropped-do, also seems to have contributed to her new lease of life - as was the case with Lawrence. I'm definitely excited to see what she's got up her sleeve next - especially as we still have the rest of the Divergent AND TFIOS press tours to go!  
Shailene Woodley red carpet
*images via Zimbio

What about you guys? What do you think of Shailene's style?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Inspiration #9 | Looking After Yourself

Inspiration #9 Looking after yourself
*all images sourced via Pinterest
Yesterday I had a 30 minute conversation with a friend from Uni which involve both of us calming each other down/freaking each other out about University stress/dissertation/graduation. We basically went back and forth comparing workloads (between ourselves and gossipping about how far other people on our course had gotten) and crapping ourselves about how little time we have left to get everything done.

It's a horrendous time of year to be a final year University student with looming deadlines, constant pressure and late, late essay writing nights. We often talk about the physical signs of stress "I'm so sleepy"/"My head hurts from studying"/"My shoulders/neck/eyes/back aches from sitting and staring at a computer screen for so long"/"I've eaten so little/so much because of the amount of work I have to do", but it's also worthwhile acknowledging the mental side effects of consistent pressure.

Taking time out just to rest your brain and stop yourself from completely destroying your mental welfare is so, so important, not just for us University students but for anyone putting pressure on themselves. 

In the past few weeks every time I've found myself getting completely and utterly wound up, I've stood up and walked away, just for 5 minutes. I read a few paragraphs of a book, or gotten a drink, or scrolled through Instagram, or closed my eyes. 

I've also given myself an allowance of time to just not think about University and do something mindless or enjoyable. Which is why today I'm heading to Brighton to catch up with some blogging ladies, miles away from my awfully scary pile of work on my desk. Tomorrow I'll get cracking on 9am again to beat the crap outta another essay, but I know future me will have appreciated the time away from the constant "Holy smokes graduation is so close" anxiety. 

So for anyone in the same position as me now, or feeling the same things, I'm not saying forget your studies or procrastinate for hours on end. I am saying, take care of number one first. 

Also if you're looking for more motivation I'd definitely recommend watching the video below from one of my favourite Youtubers, Linda aka OpenEllbey. She's referring to the writing process but the message applies to any hurdle you're trying to jump! (plus the analogy is pure genius!).

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