Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July | Insta-life round up

7 July InstaLife
//new running shoes//Newsies of New York!//LFCC & YALC tickets//enjoying a cold cide in the sunshine//LFCC//Sherlock set!//Cosplays galore//Doctor x5//1st Class Honours//New do'//Meeting Rainbow Rowell with Erin//So kawaii//Graduate!//with the 'rents//sunny Saturday//humid day make-up//

Another month gone! Can you believe we're already over halfway through the year now? As if June wasn't hectic enough July, seems to have also flown by in the blink of an eye. From the crazy travel month of June, I ran headfirst into graduate life and a graduate job! Nothing like moving straight back into the workplace to keep you on your toes right? As I'm officially back into the 9-5, it also means ending an era and leaving my retail job at New Look, which I held since I was 16! Crazy stuff, but it does mean I've finally got my weekends free after so many years of shift work.

Oh and of course there was the small matter of actually graduating from University this month. I wrote a mini post about the day already and despite now being in a working routine, I still feel like I'm in some sort of post-grad haze of 'what am I doing with my life'.

Like you guys care? You'll wanna know what's going down on the blog right? It's slowly dawning on me that I will have been running Wishing For Chanel for almost four years come December. And whilst I'm happy just bobbing along and writing and posting as I like, now I have some time to focus on my hobbies again I'm keen to kick it up a notch on the blog. I'm looking at a platform switch, some new design work and possibly a domain, but have been waiting for the dust to settle on real life to get any of this done! Not to mention I've also got Blogger's Bookshelf and, having had a bit of hiatus, will be rekindling my writing up on Feminist [In Training] too.

So yeah, the Uni era of my life may be up but that doesn't mean things are slowing down in the slightest. Onwards and upwards I say!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Blog Of The Month | Sailboat

15 Sailboat
Run by...totally down to earth, country girl Jennie
In, bunnies & books!
Why I keep going back...I feel like I've been following Jennie's blog for the longest time, but she's definitely one of those blogs I can rely on for really good content pretty much 100% of the time. Concise and eloquent, Jennie manages to strike that oh so golden balance of professional and personable in her posts. Speaking of posts, there's really something for everyone. Though her focus has always been towards beauty, she now covers lifestyle, writing and - my personal favourite - books. In fact more often than not books she's reviewed positively have gone straight into my Goodreads 'to read' list.
Favourite post...two favourites 'On writing, spelling, grammar & making your own rules' and her post on her Capsule Make-Up Collection and parting with some products.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Battle of the primers | Tarte BB Tinted Primer vs Benefit Porefessional

Primers Tarte vs Benefit
Tarte, BB tinted treatment primer, approx £20, Sephora//Benefit, Porefessional primer, £24.50, Boots
I've never thought twice about using primers, until this Summer hit and I was desperate to find a way of keeping my foundation on my face reasonably set. I definitely can't call myself a beauty expert but I do have some opinions on two I've found to be on par with each other on the surface.

In the blue corner...cult favourite Benefit's 'Porefessional'
I'm sure you all have heard why there's so much love for Porefessional already! Super light, silky smooth coverage and great pigmentation, it's a cult favourite amongst beauty bloggers. It's definitely more of a base product to target problem areas than an all over product, but it sits well under pretty much every single type of foundation I've got in my make up drawer. The downside is the price tag, £24.50 for 22ml for a primer can seem pretty steep!

In the red corner...from across the pond, Tarte's BB Tinted Primer
A relative unknown from an up and coming brand, Tarte's offering in the primer market is more of a tinted moisturiser than a base and because of this the pigmentation on this product is amazing. It's also super moisturising, has a built in SPF30 sunblock and works as a great substitution for your normal foundation on days when you're after a low key look. As it's fairly moisturising it's pretty perfect for dry skin, but not so great on oilier complexions - despite it saying it's oil free! It retails at an ok-ish price, the full size bottle is about £20 [the one pictured above is their travel sized version which I think retailed at about £10 in Sephora], is slightly bigger than the full sized Porefessional, and comes in a range of different shades.

And the winner is...
Benefit's Porefessional! 
Despite the price tag you simply can't beat the quality of Benefit's primer. It works like a charm and feels like a better investment make-up product if you're after something that will give you smooth coverage every time. Not to mention Glamour magazine usually give away a sample of it every year! That's not to say Tarte's primer isn't great! If you want an all over/one stop shop type of primer, head to Sephora asap, but those with oilier skin types should be a little wary.


Friday, July 25, 2014

First Class | My Graduation Day!

Graduation 1 Portsmouth Guildhall
This past Wednesday, my family and I woke up bright and early, got  all suited and booted, before making the drive down to Portsmouth for my big Graduation day!

The sun was out in full force, which made for some great shots outside Portsmouth Guildhall, where the main ceremony was held. And as my ceremony was in the morning, we just managed to avoid the absolute scorching heat towards midday too!

Rather amusingly this will be my first proper personal style post for I think about 2 years? Under the gown I'm wearing my gorgeous cream dress I bought whilst in Artists and Fleas in Chelsea Market in New York. My court shoes were from Topshop and the necklace I snagged in the Dorothy Perkins sale last week. The clutch is a loan from my mum and the drop ivory earrings was a graduation present from my Uncle.

The ceremony was great - and I didn't fall off the stage! - and it was lovely to see all of my course mates all in one place one last time.

After cooling off at home we headed out for a meal at the Chilworth Arms ordering a healthy dose of Pims and toffee ice cream for dessert!

I've definitely had a more unusual experience at University than others I know of - something which I'm keen to write about at some point when I get the chance to actually form literate words - but it was so rewarding to finally get to this point after 4 years of seriously tough work.

Oh and did I mention I somehow managed to get a first class honours out of all that work? - please don't ask me how I did it, I question the sanity of the examiners marking my work.
Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 01.13.00


Monday, July 21, 2014

Art Appreciation | A Newbie's Guide To Loving Art Galleries

appreciating art galleries

Summer can be a great time to tap into your cultural side and with the British weather as erratic as it is, sheltering from the rain in an art gallery can be the best way to spend a day out. To some people galleries are difficult places to enjoy, and I agree that there can be a certain amount of snobbery surrounding them that can be off-putting for many. But art doesn't need to be inaccessible.
Here are my top tips to start your journey to becoming an art gallery enthusiast.

Broaden your definition of 'art' | When you think of art you normally associate it with things like the classical painters or even post-modern pieces, but what the world now considers art is actually pretty broad. If you're finding yourself bored looking at more traditional pieces, switch it up! There's a whole wealth of artwork that includes and isn't limited to sculpture, interactive pieces, photography, moving image, installations and more. Don't limit yourself to the bigger galleries either, the smaller ones will usually feature more unusual pieces or lesser known artists too.

Focus on art that you're drawn to | First of all excuse the pun! A big piece of advice if you're planning on going around a gallery unguided is to let your mind and eyes wander to pieces that intrigue you. There's not much point dwelling on a piece of art you don't get excited by - even if it is Starry Night by Van Gogh - when you could be looking at pieces that hold your attention better. When you see something that catches your eye, ask yourself, why? Who painted it? What style or era does this belong to? Take a quick photo - if you're allowed! - and then Google the artist or ask a guide what the piece is about.

Pick up a guide | I can't stress how good museum and gallery audio guides can be. Though the initial price may seem steep on top of your admission, if you really have no clue on what to expect from an art gallery it's a staple to pick up. Not only will you get a full run down on art that interests you, but they can also be useful to block out the sounds of babbling tourists too ;)

Wander into the travelling exhibition area | Usually in addition to the permanently housed pieces, larger galleries will play host to a touring exhibitions. These artworks may only be on display for a limited time, but as they usually just focus on one artist, theme or era, they tend to go into a bit more depth. Look at the art gallery's website to see which ones will be set to arrive and when. They'll also usually list a bit of background information on the artists and which pieces you'll expect to see.

Take it slow | In my opinion, art is not meant to be enjoyed at high speed. A lot of people tend to try and hit art galleries quickly but I'd advise giving yourself at least a full morning or afternoon for smaller galleries, and a whole day if it's something like the The Met or the Tate Modern. Rushing through rooms and barely looking at pieces is pointless, unless you're going for a specific piece or artist. And even then you could be missing out on some great artwork. Walk slowly, listen to music as you wander, take your time, take a seat, and bring a notepad or sketchbook to scribble in if you're feeling inspired.

Get home and Google | Your first port of call after you get home after a day at an art gallery is Google. Search the pieces you found interesting and see if there's any information on Wikipedia or the gallery website on them. You may even want to pick up a print online - usually as cheaper option than buying the museum shop! Getting on those search engines straight away is a great way of remembering the pieces you've seen and will help you reflect on why you enjoy them!

These tips may seem obvious, but they're baby steps to really getting into any kind of art form. The one thing to remember is to not feel pressured to like something. Art is totally subjective, so concentrate on finding art that you really love.

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